Smart Lock Save Your Valuables

Smart Lock Save Your Valuables

A smart lock can increase the protection of your home against burglars. Smart locks are difficult to pick or break into, in contrast to conventional locks. If someone tries to break in or deactivate the gadget, they also emit notifications. The very finest smart house locks are capable of thwarting theft, unlawful entry, and other crimes.


Here are some situations a smart lock may protect your home:


#1. No More Losing Keys


Do you still store a secret key beneath your doormat? In that case, switching to a smart lock is necessary. The necessity for a physical key is eliminated with a fingerprint deadbolt lock, like Homki. Your fingerprint will serve as a substitute and serve as a secure virtual key. It will lessen the possibility of uninvited visitors entering your house.


#2. Remove Control


When used in connection with a smartphone app, a fingerprint smart door lock enables remote home monitoring. You can look through previous attempts and access histories. You can use it to inspect your house to see if anything is wrong. This feature gives you an additional sense of security while you're out on a trip, at work, on business, or running errands.


#3. Access Control


With a conventional lock on your door, you have no idea who has a key to your home or when they might decide to use it. Smart locks let you safeguard your house and restrict access to specific people. To further restrict access to your house, you can even block access to specific days or window of time.


#4. Pick-resistant Security


Smart locks, in contrast to conventional locks, are very challenging to disarm. The smartphone app will notify the owner of any attempts to destroy the gadget. This will aid property owners in thwarting a burglary and catching the intruder in time.


Homki is a smart lock brand that focuses on researching home security. We aim to make every customer leave their keys, enter their home with ease, and feel safe. The small step of purchasing a smart lock is a big step to improve your life quality and home security.