Key or Keyless?

Key or Keyless?

Smart technologies, particularly those geared toward the house, keep pushing their way onto the market. We now have more than simply smart mobile gadgets. Intelligent security systems and even kitchen appliances are already available. Which, however, is safer when it comes to front door security — keys with regular locks or keyless ones? We will help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each access method so that you may feel secure in your own house.


Traditional Locks: Pros

1. Price: The cost of a traditional lock is unbeatable. They are available for as little as $9, and possibly even less elsewhere.


2. Installation: If you know how to handle a screwdriver or can read instructions, it's rather simple.


3. There are no technical issues. Your lock is ready to be used without a hitch as soon as it is installed!

Traditional Locks: Cons

1. You need a key in order to use a typical lock and key. Keep your composure or you might have to enter through a window!


2. If burglars are skilled with a screwdriver, they can easily remove these locks from your door, giving them a simple entrance into your house. Come and go with ease.


3. If you can't be in two places at once or don't want to make a copy, having house guests or new roommates require the key to enter is a hassle.


4. Conventional locks are easy to pick. If someone wanted to, they could literally pick the lock because there is a keyhole.

Smart Locks: Pros


  1. Smart locks' compatibility with smartphones is one of its best features. Once the smart lock software is downloaded, users can remotely lock and open the door.

You may rely on the lock app rather than racking your brain to recall if you locked up. The app will check to see if you finished what is likely the most crucial step in making your house secure.


So there's no need to turn around and return home if you depart on a road trip and forget to check if the front door is closed. From the app, you can inspect the door and, in certain situations, even lock it.  


  1. A smart lock may simplify life for everyone, whether you run a holiday rental or have guests over frequently.No more copying keys or keeping a backup set secret. Furthermore, you can use the lock's app to distribute digital keys. Additionally, you can limit when someone can use their key with various locks. You can restrict access to certain users to only certain days and hours, such as from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. In order to make your entire household secure, smart lock apps can grant limitless access to family relatives, and friends.  


Smart Locks: Cons


1. Price: Typically, a conventional deadbolt costs below $50. It can be rather simple to replace the deadbolt you currently have. But smart locks are far more expensive, typically costing between $150 and $300. For something you undoubtedly already own and is still in good working condition, that's a hefty investment. Additionally, installation could be challenging, especially if you want comprehensive connectivity.

2. Tech-Savvy Skills: Based on the National Crime Prevention Institute, keyless locks are excellent for tech-savvy families. However, the most recent isn't always the best for someone who finds it difficult to keep up with new "smart" gadgets. The lock must be user-friendly. Keyless locks are generally not for you if you have trouble navigating new technological advancements. 


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