Do You Know About Home Intelligence?

Do You Know About Home Intelligence?

Home intelligence refers to the use of technical means to make various systems and equipment in the home work together, thereby improving the convenience and efficiency of the home. Here are some things to consider if you want to make your home smarter:


#1.Install a smart home system


The smart home system can control home appliances, lighting, curtains, temperature control and other equipment through smart phones or tablet computers, so as to realize the intelligence of the home.


#2.Install an intelligent security system


The intelligent security system can monitor the security situation at home through cameras, door and window sensors, infrared detectors and other equipment, and promptly call the police to ensure the safety of the family.


#3.Add smart home appliances


Smart home appliances can be connected to smart home systems through the Internet to achieve remote control and monitoring, such as smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart air purifiers, etc.


#4.Install smart living robots


Smart living robots can perform functions such as housework, home security, entertainment and leisure, and help families realize intelligence.


#5.Install Smart Lock


In addition to the above equipment, intelligent door locks can also be installed. There are 4 main advantages of smart lock, 1) No Need to Carry Heavy Keys; 2) Prevent Burglars from Breaking in; 3) Free from the Worry of Losing Keys; 4) Auto-locking and Save Your Time.


Besides, there are easy steps you can take to protect your locks from becoming vulnerable. This includes, 1) Regularly updating your smart lock password; 2) Not sharing your smart lock password; 3) Updating the mobile application linked to your smart locks.


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